NuSeconds incubated a full scale Ecommerce platform – NuKart

To Digitally disrupt traditional retailing while maintaining the in-store benefits of a Brick & Mortar for a consumer with value adding e-reach, Personalization, Targeting and consumer bridging through offer aggregations, Events and Digital value adds.  Including OEMs as well for the Local digital retailing push.

Partner with Retailers and OEM’s for

  • Offer and Campaign Aggregation.
  • Business Visibility through Media, Digital Domains (Digital Marketing).
  • Business agility in making right campaigns and Targeted Ads (catchment area based).
  • Events digitally Orchestrated for sale urgency guided by Inventory Analytics, Consumer Analytics – Including personalization.
  • Optimum Route logistics through geo-Fencing, HLMP creation and OEM re-directions.

Business Acceleration and Personalization through

  • Digital Value Adds – Notifications, in context - Click to Call and Chat services.
  • Campaign corrections and upload in NRT (Operators and Retailers Console).
  • Event Organization and RT Controls – Digital Orchestration at HLMP level (Reduced Manual labor and dependency).
  • Increase foot falls for high end products through Demo appointments, In context Videos, Focused Digital marketing and Targeting

Smart shopping (Multi-shop complexes and Malls)

  • Mall/Complex 360 degrees video capture with in context offer and Campaign Aggregation.
  • Mall/Complex Logistics – Parking, Ticketing, reservations, Notifications and Loyalty privileges.
  • Mall/Complex Navigation on Google map and locator (will ride on Google).
  • Events digitally Orchestrated for sale urgency guided by Inventory Analytics, Consumer Analytics and seasons/promotions – including Personalization.
  • OEM special promotions and retail re-directions.

Destination Shopping (High density shopping areas with Cross media, food, entertainment promotions)

  • Combined and aggregated retail campaigns/offers/sales in a high-density shopping area
  • Niche shopping and guidance (e.g. Lighting @ BVK, Medical in City Market, Pump’s & Motors in JC road …)
  • Care Pack 360 degrees – Navigation to Parking to Eateries to entertainment (with destination integrated promotions and cross promotions).